Showing: Sekvens # 11in the exhibition Mitt landskap at Alstadhaug kunstforening – Kulturbadet, opens August 26th – 08.October. 2017

Situations/Situasjoner –  starts at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim
December 2. 2017 as the final part of my research fellowship with NARP and KIT NTNU more info coming soon


Studio Edvine Larssen in the making June 2017 at Stokkøya
Design by: Arkitekturfabrikken
Woodconstruction produced and mounted by: Tømmervåg Tre AS
Planning and building work by: Marius L. Aasprong and Edvine Larssen

Participating in the project Re-Site - The Research Pavilion, June 2017. Venice Biennale Camino event 2017 Curated by: Serge von Arx and Ellen J Røed

At any given moment -  Artist-book published by LevArtext Available for orders now!

2013 – 2017: Research Fellow: The Norwegian programme for Artistic Research, hosted by NTNU Art Academy in Trondheim, with the project: Theatrical, but not theatre. Architectonic, but not architecture. Sculptural, but not sculpture.

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