11. juni – 21. august 2022 K.U.K Trondheim
As part of Hannah Ryggen Triennalen K.U.K in Trondheim is showing  “Rippling” by Anne-Karin Furunes – and guests; Nina Roos, Marko Vuokola, Edvine Larssen, Laura-Ann Morrison, Astrid Ljungberg, Meerke Laimi Thomasson Vekterli, Oscar Eriksson Furunes and Juho Erola

JANUARY 2022: Edvine Larssen IN THE CLOSET⃣
Showing: It´s not worth while (Textbulbs # IV) 2022.
IN THE CLOSET⃣ is an artist-run space founded by Vsevolod Kovalevskij. Since 2022 the showroom is located in the closet of the artist’s apartment, located at Peder Claussønns gate 1, Oslo 0165



Currently working with a new commission; Situasjoner (Nasjonalmuseet) for:
Nasjonalmuseet /The National Museum, Oslo 2023

“Ta tiden vel i akt”
Commissioned text from Line Ulekleiv about Curtain (IV) – august 2021
(to be published together with a limit edition publication of all parts of Curtain (IV)

From October 2020 Edvine Larssen is:
Professor in Contemporary Arts at The Academy of Arts at UIT, The Arctic University of Norway

October 31. 2020 at LKV Gym as part of Trondheim Open.
Gymsal is a group exhibition that deals with the idea of building as a place that serves a function

The facade is the skin that hides and protects what exists and happens inside. In this situation, an old gymnasium is the venue to examine symbols, gestures, language and other manifestations on the idea of space. Organizers: Carlos A.Correia, Dan Skjæveland

August 2020
Prospekt – SKAUS (part 3) – at TOU ventetomt (Rogaland kunstsenter), Stavanger, Norway

Venezia, Levanger
Edvine Larssen and Lisa Torell
- Part of LevArts PARK-project
Curator: Anne-Gro Erikstad
Cancelled due to korona restrictions

2019 – 2021 – In collaboration with Sosiologisk Poliklinikk with Prof

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. Aksel Tjora and PhD candidate Marius L. Aasprong, and LevArt by Anne-Gro Erikstad, Edvine Larssen will be artist and researcher in the research project 3F fellesskapte forståelser for fellesskap with support from Kulturrådet