Side 56 (Page 56), 2007

Side 56 (Page 56)

Side56 (6)
Side 56 (Page 56), left:installed, right:detail.

Sculptural installation 2007
Side 56 (Page 56)
consists of 49 light bulbs, all with one single word sand blasted onto them, and hundreds of meters of cable. The 49 bulbs/words form the poem on page 56 in Marte Hukes book Ta imot published in 2008 by Tiden Norsk Forlag.
Side 56 (page 56) belongs to Edvine Larssens ongoing series Text bulbs started in 2001 where she collaborates and borrows texts from various writers published material, and allows these to become part of light-bulb sculptures.

Photos and CopyRights: Edvine Larssen

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Side 56 (Page 56) installed in the exhibition Troops of Quiet Love and Disaster, Marienborg 2007