Curtain (IV)

Curtain (IV)  2019


Curtain (IV) was becoming as an artwork in the National feature-magazine -  Magasinet, that follows Dagbladet – one of the largest newspapers in Norway, as part of RAKE Visningsrom´s group show: Omfavnelser

Over a period of 12 weeks, a new double spread was launched each Saturday
. This text- based as well as sculptural work – consists of 12 unique sculptures, one built for each weeks display, all were lit in a theatre space and photographed, before becoming paired with a text written in 12 parts.



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Curtain (IV) was on weekly display outside of RAKE throughout the period of the 12 weeks:
Part 1 of Curtain (IV)  - launched on June 8. 2019.rake-curtainiv-august


Part 10, August 2019 curtain-iv-del-11
Part 11.
 August 2019

Part 11, august 2019

Curtain (IV) by Edvine Larssen was produced in collaboration with:
Lighting: Anniken Arnøy/Rosendal Theatre, Trondheim
Photo: Juliane Schütz
Graphic layout preparations: Joana Bruno/SMØR press
Assistant to the artist in the wood workshop: Marius L. Aasprong.

Thank you:
Marte Huke for reading and offering input on the text
Kamilla Freyr for a valuable dialogue in early stages of this work
Tove-Lill Karlsen for proof reading the text
RAKE: Charlotte Rostad and Trygve Ohren
Magasinet – by Linn Kongsli Hillestad for the collaboration

All the 12 parts of Curtain (IV) was performed on 24.08.19.





Performed by: Tormod Gjersvold, directed by the artist
Photos: Tobias Liljedahl/RAKE visningsrom