Situations/Situasjoner is a performative installation, a passage work -  for only two participants at the time -  led by two performers. This artwork is made for and takes place “behind the scenes” at Nordenfjeldske Museum for applied Arts in Trondheim, in the in-between and liminal spaces of the museum where a series of situations are blurring the boundaries between the staged and the everyday.

Situations/Situasjoner was re-enacted during Bastard, Trondheim international festival for performative arts in September 2018

Total concept and directing: Edvine Larssen
Costume design: Edvine Larssen
Assistant and technician : Marius L. Aasprong
Costumes produced by: Mixed Media Berlin
Performers in first installment 2017: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel and Bjørnar H. Braastad
Performers during Bastard 2018: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel, Marius L. Aasprong
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Anniken Arnøy
Lighting technique: Anniken Arnøy
Dialogue partner at NKIM: Solveig Lønmo
Outside eye: Anne-Gro Erikstad
Poster design: Joana Bruno/Smør Press
Thanks to Morten Spjøtvold for introducing relevant archival materials
Photos 2017: Siv-Hilde Meen
Photos from Bastard: Arne Hauge

180911-edvine-larssen-situasjoner_010 180911-edvine-larssen-situasjoner_013

Situations/Situasjoner was made as the final artwork in Edvine Larssens Doctorate artistic research project in NARP, where she has been researching into the Japanese concept [Ma] in relation to spatial as well as durational artworks.

The location of this site bound work -  Nordenfjeldske museum for applied arts, has been chosen specifically due to this museums famous Japan-collection, as a way of referencing the heritage of the concept [Ma]. Situations/Situasjoner is in the context of Larssen´s Doctorate project a layered investigation into what [Ma] does, or what [Ma] could do, as an artwork.