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Curtain (III) 2017/18

Installation shown in permanent cabinet at Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum
during the period of Situations/Situasjoner
Foto: Siv-Hilde Meen


Documentation from Situations/Situasjoner

Situations/Situasjoner is a performative installation, a passage work
-  for only two participants at the time -  led by two performers.

This artwork is made for and takes place “behind the scenes” at Nordenfjeldske Art and Design musum in Trondheim, in the in-between and liminal spaces of the museum,
where a series of situations are blurring the boundaries between the staged and the everyday.

Situations/Situasjoner was re-enacted during Bastard,
Trondheim international festival for performative arts in September 2018

Total concept and directing: Edvine Larssen
Costume design: Edvine Larssen
Assistant and technician : Marius L. Aasprong
Costumes produced by: Mixed Media Berlin
Performers in first installment 2017: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel and Bjørnar H. Braastad
Performers during Bastard 2018: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel, Marius L. Aasprong
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Anniken Arnøy
Lighting technique: Anniken Arnøy
Dialogue partner at NKIM: Solveig Lønmo
Outside eye: Anne-Gro Erikstad
Poster design: Joana Bruno/Smør Press
Thanks to Morten Spjøtvold for introducing relevant archival materials
Photos 2017: Siv-Hilde Meen
Photos from Bastard: Arne Hauge

180911-edvine-larssen-situasjoner_010 180911-edvine-larssen-situasjoner_013

Situations/Situasjoner was made as the final artwork in Edvine Larssen´s
Doctorate artistic research project in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme,
where she has been researching the Japanese concept [Ma] in relation to spatial as well as durational artworks that involves participation of various kinds.

The location of this site bound work – Nordenfjeldske Art and Design Museum, was chosen specifically due to this museums famous Japan-collection.
This functions as a way of referencing the heritage of the concept [Ma].

In the context of Larssen´s Doctorate project Situations/Situasjoner operates as a layered investigation into what [Ma] does, or what [Ma] could do, as an artwork, but the artwork can also be experienced without any previous knowledge of Larssen´s research on Ma, but more as an artwork where time as well as space are actual material components of the work, and the work will be completed in your own imagination.